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“I didn’t think of reading the reviews, as my character drinks a beer laced with semen in the film, and I didn’t really think I was going to get compared to De Niro,” Scott jokes, admitting he did not read his first mention in about working with Cox on his latest film.How was the experience of exploring the darker side of comedy in “Just Before I Go?

Today, more than 15 years later, Scott is taking his darkest turn yet, as a man with plans to commit suicide, in Courteney Cox’s dramedy “Just Before I Go.” The film marks Cox’s directorial debut, and a leading role for Scott, now 38-years-old, which defies his fun-loving frat boy type-casting of the past, which made him a star.

We actually only got the rink at 11 o'clock at night, so we'd do all those fight scenes at three or four in the morning. Because it wasn't a big-studio budget, we never had any time to rehearse the fights and we did everything on skates.

was meant to bring the comedy franchise to a close in 2012, but Tara Reid hinted that there might be more to come in the future. When asked if she would be interested in returning for the hypothetical fifth movie, the actress replied with a definitive "yes." [ Related: New Feud Alert! The devilishly handsome star was snapped on the streets of NYC Monday, out and about with equally fit pals—looking trim and scruffy with a hint of badass mystery. Look at his lickety doggy, just taking a taste of his own shnoz! WARNING: there are some uncovered tittays in the video too.

Featuring an outstanding supporting cast comprised of Baruchel, Liev Schreiber, Eugene Levy, Kim Coates (“Sons of Anarchy“) and Alison Pill as the dysfunctional love of Doug Glatt’s life, “Goon” doesn’t gloss over the ugliness of sports violence even as it humorously celebrates it.

For that, it took some punches from the traditionally violence-averse British press on its earlier UK release. Low-key Minnesota native Seann William Scott, intense Montrealite Jay Baruchel, and matter-of-fact Canadian filmmaker Michael Dowse were still high on the afterglow of a successful industry screening the night before when a bunch of us journos met with the trio at the Beverly Hilton. Jay Baruchel on creating Doug Glatt, the not-so-bright but incredibly decent hero of “Goon.” My dad used to have this expression, which was “Don’t complicate a ham sandwich.” In my experience, a lot of the hardest guys I know are also the kindest and most mild-mannered and gentlest.