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Raven Baxter is officially coming back, and you don't have to be psychic to get all the details about her upcoming spinoff series.

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The actor’s talent on the hardwood isn’t surprising—his father played at UCLA under legendary coach John Wooden, and his brother went All-American in high school.

In fact, Caviezel was able to play with some of the biggest names in basketball when he was training in his younger days.

By the time your favorite TV shows are airing their season finales, networks have already begun to think about what should and will replace them come next season.

During a slew of presentations in New York this week, NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS and The CW will all announce and show off their upcoming new shows.

The 26-year-old is prioritizing her privacy over our thirsty asses' fascination with her love life. Privacy is a full-time job and I work very hard at it.You might think you know me, but when you approach me you're a total stranger to me and I'm scared… Taylor Ortega is a New York based writer and comedian.She performs on Wednesday nights at the PIT and co-hosts "Elite Weekly" on Facebook Live. Insta: carbra_streisand Taylor Ortega is a New York based writer and comedian. series launched to fanfare last month, but even I underestimated how popular it would be. "You'll fall in love with him," pledged another.Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that publicists would be pitching me their A-list clients to go on "dates" with. Flattering, for sure, but just like too much chocolate isn't always such a good thing, neither are too many hot guys. ) So we're carefully choosing our On a Date With...In the trailer, Raimy is drawn to her old ham radio and on the other end she hears her father.